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Andres was an IT Engineer who kept find himself helping others get jobs! Then one day he figure, "why don't I get paid to do this??"

In just his first 10 months, Andres did $300,000 in fees plus a WHALE $67,000 Deal!

$67,000 deal

Check Out Andres' Story Here!


John was working part time at a restaurant and had his hours cut during Covid. That's when he discovered HHA!

In just his first 10 months, John did over $100,000 in recruiting fees working just 10-15 hours per week!

$113,000 in 12 Months

Listen to John's Story in His Own Words!


$46k on his first recruiting deal using the strategies taught in Headhunters Academy.

"The barrier to entry is much, much lower than I would have ever though...
I'm thinking now I need to shift my career in a different direction!"


on his FIRST deal!

Client Testimonial: Cory C. 
From Law School to Recruiting Lawyers! 
Check Out Cory's $37,646 Deal! 

Check Out Cory's First Check!

UPDATE! Cory Closed two MORE deals putting him over 
$51k since joining HHA!


$16,500 Deal in 7 Weeks

"This has given me a Confidence that I can Provide for
my Family on a much Higher Level...
Double this and add a little bit, and it was what
I was making all year last year on my salary. "

Then She Showed Up on Our Call 
to Show Off Her Check!!

Student Getting a Client on Their FIRST Try!


Completed her deal for $9250 in just FIVE days!!

This Simple Message Led to a Five-Figure Payday for this Student!

This Simple Message Led to a Five-Figure Payday for this Student!


 "I knew that me working 9 to 5 in my old recruiting job was not going to give me the freedom that I wanted long matter happens in my business now for the next year and a half, I'll still be getting these checks for the next 18 months!"

John Closed a Deal Worth $100k-$150k that will bring him 18 months of PASSIVE INCOME

John Closed a Deal Worth $100k-$150k that will bring him 18 months of PASSIVE INCOME

Listen to the full interview with John here:

After we recorded this interview, he got ANOTHER offer that will bring in $4k-$10k per month for the next 18 months!

John Got His First of 18 Checks from ONE Placement!! 

After we recorded this interview, he got ANOTHER offer that will bring in $4k-$10k per month for the next 18 months!

Here's What Some of Our BETA Students Had to Say About their 5-Day Headhunters Academy online intensive 


 "Within two months of joining, I had two clients and several positions.
This has opened up - not only the opportunity for business and income - but has given me back the chance to be a professional again, all from the comfort of my own home."

Here Are Some of Examples of The Fees We Teach Our Students to Charge 👇


From $3k/mo to Closing a $20k Deal
Here's how Headhunters Academy Changed his Life 👇


in just 6 weeks!

in just 6 weeks!


 "We Are Living in a Golden Moment
Right Now in Recruiting. Now is the time to get in!"

Read These Other AMAZING Student Testimonials!

“As someone that has been in the ecommerce space for over 10 years, I love seeing the similarities between matchmaking deals and arbitrage and how easy it is to connect with companies and find candidates. By simply applying a few strategies that Jonathan shares in his modules, within weeks of buying the course, I was able to get some serious inquiries from companies looking for the right candidate and am now very close to my first deal. Bottom line, the system and strategies provided by HHA really work!!”

Alex F., Virginia Beach, VA
Three $12,500 Roles

"This taught me how to start a recruiting business from scratch. 

The materials are very helpful and will learn numerous practical tips from Jonathan throughout."

Pat R., Washington DC
Three $20,000 Roles
"Jonathan is really passionate about helping people build their own recruiting agency. He researches and reviews all the latest tools and teaches them to you, saving hours of time, and giving you a competitive advantage. He’s always recording tutorials, gives you the tools, and is always available for a chat and to help. HHA is the quickest way to jumpstart your recruiting business."

Libby T., Seattle, WA
"Headhunters Academy gave me the best tools to pick up my first client in just 4 days!"

Hannah B., North Carolina
"Jonathan gives you tons of detail, examples, and resources for each step of doing these deals. I can’t speak more highly of his commitment to my success and his willingness support me individually."

Tyler S., Los Angeles

From Struggling Realtor to Recruiter. Listen below hear about his first $24,750 deal!

"...Out of everything I've learned in life - as far as 'opportunities' go - Headhunters Academy is the most stellar. You know how they say 'to good to be true'. Nooo, this one WAS true!"


 "This is one of the ONLY opportunities I can find that
will allow me to replace my income I made in the oil fields"


$13,500 on her first deal!

"I always wanted to own my own business but I never thought it would be in recruiting...HHA made it easy to follow a system that ensured our success!"


 "If there's one thing I can tell you, 
it's that Jonathan Massively Over-Delivers..."

Ian Got Over $100,000 in Total Fee 
Agreement Value in Just 2 Weeks!!

Client Update! 
Ian Closed His First Deal for $14,000 and has 
TWO MORE in the Pipeline!!


 "$3600 deal on a $160 budget..."

Our Students Get Signed 
Fee Agreements - FAST!


"I made $48,000 last year. Just last month I did $48,000, in one month!"

Khader Went from 
$0 to $38,000 PER MONTH in Passive Income from Recruiting Contracts!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I don't have any recruiting experience? 

We work with individuals that have all kinds of previous work experience! All our content has been designed with the assumption that you are starting out from square one, but if you are able to skip ahead if you'd like to get to the advanced stuff as well!

 How Long Will It Take Me to do My First Deal?

The average student that applies our process and puts the work in completes their first deal within 6-8 weeks.Like most things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it! Apply the steps and we trust you will get to your first deal in no time. 

 Do You Help Recruiters Build Their Own Agency?

Yes. Everyone who joins Headhunters Academy gets ALL our digital content. Our main course is broken up into two phases. Phase I is all about doing your first "solo recruiting deal" as quickly and profitably as possible. Phase II is about reinvesting that money to hire your own team and lay a foundation for a scaleable recruiting agency. Whether you want to freelance as a recruiter or build your own company, there's something for you here! 

 Do You Include Paperwork / Contracts? 

Yes! All students get fee agreements along with any other relevant documents! 

 What Industries Should I Recruit For? 

The list of industries you can recruit for is virtually limitless. We recommend focusing on high-demand industries, like IT/Tech, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Construction. We work with each client individually to formulate a business development game plan that includes target client company size and industry. 

 Can I Work Nationwide? 

Yes! All you need is a laptop and a phone to succeed in recruiting! 

What Type of Recruiting Are You Focused On?

If you're familiar with "recruiter lingo", we focus on "direct hire" placements (also called permanent / perm placements) where you work on contingency and earn a one-time fee once you've placed your candidate. We do not cover contracting or working with contractors on a markup as we have not found that to be a very profitable path when starting out in your recruiting business. 
We believe everyone can 10x their income and learn to do these matchmaking deals.