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From: Jonathan Kirchner, 
Founder of Headhunters Academy 
To: Salespeople, Freelancers, Digital Marketers, Creative Real Estate Deal Hunters, and eCommerce Store Owners sick and tired of shiny objects from "greedy gurus"...

I’m Jonathan Kirchner and I want you to have my Glorified Matchmaker Formula... 

Now, before you proceed… I must warn you… You may experience some “aha” moments that will “shift” your perspective forever...
Receiving my "Two Comma Club" Award for Helping Others do Over $3 million in these recruiting deals!
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Let me explain… you’re getting step-by-step blueprints that I used to grow my matchmaking recruiting business and charge over $1million in record time. 

The best part is I do these deals with free social media accounts and I'm letting you in behind the scenes on how I do it...

I'm not going to pretend like it did not take lots of work and ups and downs to get to where I am today. 

You know the saying: if it was easy then everyone would do it! 

BUT, my guide will save you so much time and energy and help you avoid the mistakes that I made...
This system took me hundreds of hours of constant testing and refinement.

But you get the Oscar-winning “final cut” in all its glory.

The best part is you’ll be able to easily and quickly copy and implement these steps.. even if you’ve never done a deal before and don't know what I'm talking about. 
After doing hundreds of these online recruiting deals, I’m confident this can be a winning system for you as well, no matter what industry you want to go after! 

It’s all clearly mapped out for you, step-by-step, so there’s zero confusion about how to model my process and see results quickly.

Now, what if you don't have a sales background or think you won’t be able to figure out the “tech”?

Neither did I when I got started! I'm going to show you specifically how to do these deals without knowing anything about the positions you are filling... 


The bottom line - if you have no sales background, you’ll still be able to follow my process to pick up your first client... and if you’ve done it before, this will only add to your results. 

The best part is nothing here is based on theory - these are all real, verifiable results I’ve produced for other people just like you in just the past year.

In fact, in addition to running my own 7-figure recruiting business, helping other people do their first recruiting deal is what I do for a living! 

I have a knack for making the complicated simple when it comes to recruiting and earning 5-figures per placement...

and my results have earned me the distinction of being the only recruiting coach to have won the "Two Comma Club" award for helping others do millions of dollars in deals...
If you've been looking for a way to insert yourself into this equation (you are just introducing two people to one another and taking a step back to watch the fireworks), then this will become your manual to success.
A proven playbook on how to do your first matchmaking deal and make it rain over and over again.
I want you to have my client-magnet strategies in this digital download. 

Armed with this step-by-step guide, you can stop guessing and hoping and finally start feeling confident in breaking through your “glass ceiling”.
Meet Your Coach & Mentor 
  • Founder of Headhunters Academy
  • Founder of
  • Winner of 100x Academy Top Earner Award

✔️Founder of Headhunters Academy
✔️Founder of
✔️ Winner of Two Comma Club Award 

Want to Learn How Gus Did His First Deal for $46k in just 7 Weeks?
Want to Learn How Julian Charged a Company $24k for Simply Posting a Job Online?
Want to Learn How Rachel Responded to a Message on Social Media...that turned into a $16,500 check 2 weeks later?
In Each Chapter, You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions on How to Charge a Company For These Simple Matchmaking Deals...
Questions You Will Get Answered in "Matchmaker Secrets"....
Chapter 1
What is Glorified "Matchmaking"? 
I will explain this process and how to make it work for you!
Chapter 2
How do I find my first client? 
I will walk you through how to find people 
hiring and get them to work with you. 
This training alone will blow your mind because you'll 
understand how with just a few tweaks you can charge 
Chapter 3
How do I get a signed agreement? 
Want to learn how to turn a 10-minute call into a signed contract? 
It's all about listening and knowing the right questions to ask. 
Chapter 4
How do I find jobseekers that they will actually want to hire? 
I'll show you the 4 "MUST HAVE" qualifiers to know if you've 
got the right person for the job and then how 
to send them over to your client. 
Chapter 5
What do I do once my jobseeker is interviewing? 
How do I stay involved to make sure the deal closes? 
I'll show you how to guide the process once your jobseeker is interviewing so you can simply guide the ship into the harbor
Chapter 6
Finish Connecting the Dots and Closing Everything Smoothly! 
This one speaks for itself! 
We believe everyone can 10x their income and learn to do these matchmaking deals.